Exciting News! Next Step for Liberty Coalition Canada

May 21, 2021

Dear Liberty Coalition Enthusiasts,

We have been profoundly encouraged by the enthusiasm and support with which so many of you have volunteered time, donations, ideas, effort, to join us in seeking to restore Liberty in Canada.

In 4 short months, we have grown to 62,000 of you joining our mailing list, 50,000 folks viewing our website monthly, and 200+ volunteers engaged and ready for more action.

Liberty Coalition has helped coordinate 16 rallies and 13 press releases reaching hundreds of thousands of Canadians. In 4 months, we received $80,000 without being a registered charity, enabling us to launch initiatives such as the #WeCanEndThisTogether lawn signs of which 2000+ have been printed and distributed across Canada, as well as social media campaigns and more.

The momentum has been incredible, and Liberty Coalition is now at a crossroads: we can continue our operations as-is, scrambling to meet each new obstacle to liberty in Canada, OR with your help, we can build Liberty Coalition into a long-term robust organization informing Canadians of the truth, empowering regional groups, and stewarding resources effectively across the many initiatives that are needed in order to ensure Canada keeps true to its Constitution and continues to stand as a beacon for Liberty in the world.

We are excited to announce that we’re filing paperwork to become a legal non-profit charity, and we have been blessed by excellent individuals stepping up to join our Board, Executive Counsel, and Management team.

With your help, we are embarking on a mission to turn this awesome momentum into a highly functioning machine to restore and maintain liberty in Canada. The first step is raising funds so that we can bring some of our top volunteers onboard full-time. Could you help us accelerate Liberty Coalition’s impact, by chipping in here?
God bless,

-Michael Thiessen

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