Biblical Sexuality Sunday

Bill C-4: How Should The Church Respond?

Bill C-4, known as the "Anti-Conversion Therapy" law, is now in the Canadian Criminal Code. Our Federal Government has declared that the Biblical foundations for marriage and sexuality are "myths and stereotypes." The truth is that God has designed both men and women as well as marriage itself, and His design has been true since the beginning of time.

On Sunday January 14th, 2024, Liberty Coalition Canada would exhort you to preach a sermon focused on a Biblical sexual ethic and God's good design for marriage. We hope to have thousands of pastors worldwide participate in this initiative. We believe the Lord will use this united effort to both declare the sovereign Lordship of Christ over His Church and transform many lives through the life-changing power of the Word of God.

We also plan to have every pastor who participates submit their name, church name, and a link to their sermon on what will be a private list. This way we can know how many churches joined the initiative and we can track with those churches to see the fruit of their efforts.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact us at [email protected]. May God be glorified as we proclaim His Word with bold and costly obedience.

Andrew DeBartolo
Director of Operations, Liberty Coalition Canada

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