Toronto, Ontario, April 18, 2023

Liberty Coalition Canada, Save Canada and other organizations announce their support for the "I Stand With Josh Alexander" International Walkout Protest.  Liberty Coalition is organizing this peaceful event to stand in solidarity with Josh Alexander. Josh and fellow protesters are demanding that all schools ban biological males using female restrooms and change rooms.

Josh Alexander has led the way to protect girls.

Josh Alexander has paid the price.


There's been a woke agenda pushed within the education system that jeopardizes the safety of female students and completely disregards their privacy.

The peaceful walkout is scheduled to take place on May 17th at 10 am (in your local time zone). Liberty Coalition Canada is calling on:

  • All concerned students to walk out from every school across the nation and meet on the sidewalk and stand with Josh.
  • All parents and grandparents join your children for this walkout. Keep your younger kids out of school on the day and bring them with you to meet on the sidewalk and stand with Josh.
  • All citizens, even without kids, to go to your nearest school and stand with the students and parents.

Josh is demanding a ban on biological males using female restrooms and change rooms. Will you stand with Josh Alexander and millions of women?

On May 17th walkout protesters across the nation will present the "Principal Letter" to the administration of their local school.

Ways you can participate before walkout day:

Ways you can participate on May 17th Walkout Protest Day:

  • Go to the nearest school to stand and pray on the sidewalk with the students, parents and concerned citizens.
  • Present the "Principal Letter" to the school at some point during the walkout.
  • Take pictures/videos and upload to your social media. Please tag Liberty Coalition Canada, Josh Alexander and Save Canada. Please use the hashtag #IStandWithJoshAlexander.

Ways you can participate after walkout day:

  • Keep meeting locally with fellow protestors
  • Follow for developments on this story

"This international initiative is being organized to amplify the message and to unite youth under one common goal. It is time for change!" Josh Alexander.

To sign up for the peaceful International walkout, go to the form on this page.

I Stand with Josh Alexander" International Walkout Protest Video

Contact [email protected] for questions.

Walkout Sign Up


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