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Professionals Against Lockdowns

Concerned professionals from across Canada have joined together in response to the draconian measures that are causing harm and suffering in our communities. We are uniting our voices in truth to form Professionals Against Lockdowns.

Professionals Against Lockdowns aims to combat industry censorship by providing clear, evidence-based, scientific research that will educate and empower the public. Our hope is to create a more ethical response to COVID-19 that does not include harmful lockdowns or stay-at-home orders, which recklessly violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We are a group of Doctors, Nurses (Canadian Frontline Nurses), Healthcare Professionals, Police (Police on Guard For Thee), Teachers, and Legal Experts (Ontario Civil Liberties) who have signed the following statement:

“We are active and non-active members in our respective fields. We are being censored, our jobs and licenses are under threat, and we are unable to advocate for our community. Therefore, we stand together, united in truth, because it is our professional duty to protect the public, our communities, and our children. We will advocate for what is right and speak up against harm. Together, we will continue to be the voice for the voiceless to ensure that the truth about these lockdowns is heard.

The government's response has lacked a risk variant analysis on all our populations. We are seeing the harm being done first-hand. We know lockdowns, isolation of healthy individuals, and the violation of our rights are causing more harm than good. We have suppressed our consciences for too long and a fact-based, ethical approach is greatly needed which will allow our communities to thrive while still protecting the vulnerable.

We devote our energy and efforts to the following just and compassionate objectives: to uphold and protect rights and freedoms, to allow for informed consent and medical transparency, to allow for censor-free dialogue, and to honour and protect our children as well as the elderly.

We hereby voluntarily sign this statement on the 4th day of March, 2021."

Professionals Against Lockdowns is open to any professional that wishes to end lockdowns and stand united in truth for our fellow Canadians.

Liberty Coalition Canada is pleased to host and support Professionals Against Lockdowns on our media platforms.

Join Today

Are you an active or retired doctor, nurse, health care professional, teacher, lawyer, or peace officer and wanting to add your support? Please fill out the following form and follow the verification prompts.

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    *Having difficulty submitting your information with the form? Email [email protected] with all your information and images attached (including proof of profession).

    Professionals Against Lockdowns

    Demi  Pirpiris
    Teacher (non)
    Bachelor of Arts/Specialization Early Childhood Education
    Year/s of Service
    Stand Up Canada
    Federally registered not-for-profit organization (active)
    Year/s of Service
    Cheri  Palmer
    Chiropractor (active)
    Hon. B.Ed., D.C., Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education McMaster Univerity, Doctor of Chiropractic 23 years, International Chiropratic Pediatric and Pregnancy Care Certification. I am vehemently against Mask Mandates and Lockdowns and want to help fight against all tyranny and violations against our charter of rights and freedoms.
    22 years of practice Year/s of Service
    Stephen  Malthouse
    Medical Doctor (active)
    President, Canadian Integrative Medicine Association. Physician lead, Canada Health Alliance
    43 Year/s of Service
    Gaetane  Bourdages
    Psychologist (active)
    B.Sc., M.Ps.
    26 Year/s of Service
    Robin  Boleski
    Teacher (active)
    BEd Math Major
    16 Year/s of Service
    Heather  Lutz
    Registered Nurse (active)
    I have the Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree, completed at the University of Alberta
    15 years of services Year/s of Service
    Louise  Marcotte
    Chiropractor (active)
    20 Year/s of Service
    Jane  Sherrard
    Teacher (non)
    BA BEd MEd
    25 Year/s of Service
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